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LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Review - STOP DON'T BUY - Epic Fail!!!

LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Review
LG Tone Ultra: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-ultra
LG Tone Pro: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-pro
LG Tone Plus: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone-plus
LG Tone: http://adampreiser.com/lgtone

Hey I love the LG Tone series of bluetooth headsets, but after buying the later Ultra version, I have be doubts.
Fitzgerald Kervin Villaluz : The ANC is for the Calls . You might have bought the fake one.
Narada : My girl had three pairs of these things in the last year all three had left ear bud failure humble opinion expensive piece of crap
Ward Snodgrass : You can buy awesome earbuds at complyfoam.com. I would highly recommend acquiring their foam coverings, which come to suit all ear sizes. They seal up better to prevent bass loss from 95% of all coverings that are sold commercially. Even if that Tone had a perfect fitting covering, I would still recommend getting the foam coverings from Comply. They seal up perfectly and are comfortable to wear. Expecting marketed earbuds of any kind to fit your ear perfectly is an unrealistic expectation. Some of the other points made seem a bit more valid, overall I am thinking this video was made to express disappointment more than anything else. Lesson learned, as stated......Amazon does have a return policy. That is what it is there for.
steelerfan77777 : Just bought them and its nothing like you said!... They are awesome!... Yiu gotten a lemon
Hayden Lacroix : I have a knock off called the RoHS 800 and they are the exact same pretty much

LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Bluetooth Headset Review

What you get when you buy the LG Tone Ultra HBS-800 Wireless bluetooth headset. PART 2 LINK HERE \\/
The Neat And Clean : Watching this video using LG tone ultra hbs 800
Yash Agrawal : Hi, I have been using this and quite like the product. Could you now suggest a more updated headset with a similar design? Are the retractable earbuds comfortable? Should I go for latest LG headsets or buy this again? I am not really interested in a speaker in the headset. Just a few features like, Vibrate, two devices, unbelievable call quality, light, and comfortable cord. Please suggest. Thanks
saulsalt8 : 4:14 , Yup we saw your face. You are a Good looking guy. No to be ashamed of that.
Bedirhan Acar : my headset is trembling so 20 minutes apart have the same one, my friend

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Sil bass : 저 이거 오늘 샀어용!
성식김 : 노래이음이????




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